We will ask you a crucial question. If you have a large water body near your home and if you have the luxury to pass the time by the water, then why not invest in a boat? If the question is intriguing and you are scratching your head wondering why you do not have a boat yet, then keep on reading.

Why a Runabout?

If leisure time activity is your primary concern and you also want a boat with a motor, then a runabout is the logical choice. These boats are small and easy to maneuver. Most importantly, they are easy to maintain. 

You will be able to fit four to 6 people comfortably. So, it bodes well for a family guy too. In a runabout, the deck covers the engine, so it is child-proof, as well.

This model dates back to 1920, but with technological advancements, a runabout has multiple features now. If you are sold on the idea of this model but are wondering where to purchase, then we have a list of the best brands that manufacture wooden runabout.

Chris Craft

When it comes to wooden runabouts, you cannot go wrong with Chris Craft model. They have been in this business for 145 years and surely know how to build a boat. The models and styles by Chris Crafts are breathtaking. 

During the early days, they focused more on the exterior. They were a big name during World War II, as well. Since efficiency was vital back then, giving more attention to the surface seemed logical. However, now you will get lavish interiors with every runabout feature you want. These boats are expensive, as well.


Hacker craft has some antique pieces that you cannot overlook if you are a boat collector. They started their journey back in 1908 with one man- John L.Hacker. Ever since then, Hacker-Craft is a force to be reckoned in the industry. They pride in the details they think of and the modernism they bring to the table.

They have several models of classic wooden runabouts, but a fascinating factor about this brand is it lets you build your custom boat. For them, your imagination is the only limit. So, if you have a vision and do not know how to turn it into a reality, then Hacker-Craft is your answer.


This brand promises a surreal blend of the past and present. Having a history of more than 100 years, Larson had stuck throughout history by tackling many hurdles. The brand identifies itself as one of the hardest working boat brands in America. 

Over the years, they have mastered the art of fusing beauty and safety into their models. They have a range of gorgeous runabout boats.

With spacious dimensions and a family-friendly environment, A Larson is what you need for a relaxing weekend. They also have a customizable feature for the dreamers and creative boat collectors.

Fay & Bowen

If we are factoring interior design and the outlook of a boat, then no one did it better than Fay & Bowen. Their ships, yachts, and boats are exquisite. Although the company had trouble with engine and motors, it did not slow them down in any way.

There are runabouts from this brand still in the market. If you fancy one, you can remodel the engine and call it a day.


Riva is another well-known company that has a rich heritage and a long history of boat expertise. People who are passionate about boats swear by this brand. The company started its journey in 1942 and played a significant role in the economy.

Although Riva does not exist as a company now, its boats are in sale in the market. After all, they are a collector’s item for the artistic people. 

Final Word

Whichever brand you choose, runabout boats will not be cheap. If you manage to find an inexpensive model, it will not last for long. However, the brands mentioned above are highly trustworthy and worth the cost. They not only offer elegance and beauty but also promise safety and durability.

So, get your weekend on a luxurious boat ride with family and friends!

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